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time to understand the monster - emptiness articulated [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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time to understand the monster [May. 12th, 2005|01:38 pm]
[feeling |guiltyguilty]

Another semester over, another month, week, day, minute, moment closer to whatever it is I'm heading towards.
The tricycle of society rolls past my window. The wheels of money, love and pussy keep turning.. few seem to care where it's headed, or why, as long as they get a ride.

My disdain grows proportional to my understanding. All I can do is try to turn that into positive energy somehow and be the necessary change. I have lost myself the last several months but I can feel who I am returning, slowly, but stronger than before. I will try to keep my actions limited to those I can be proud of now that the difference is clearer.
I look forward experiencing pain, because I know if I can feel that, I can experience happiness also.

So many issues, so little time.. might as well save what I can, format and install a fresh OS.
My mind is so fucking cluttered these days, I could definitely use a bit of a defragging..
IF ya know what I mean... and I think ya do.

back to gettin' rich.

Hopefully the $3000 I loaned Dan to throw a party in Cali was a good investment.. He said the first time the venue owners stole it from him, so I figure I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and go ahead and toss him another 3k..

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... ahhh.... that peice of shit.

[User Picture]From: alphageist
2005-05-12 01:26 pm (UTC)
heh.. no fuckin way,
that was a joke.
He did move back to Cali I guess though.

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From: fat43
2005-05-12 01:31 pm (UTC)
yes, he did. i was like "omg" when i read that.

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