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Motivation... motivation? [Jan. 17th, 2005|01:11 pm]
[feeling |contemplativecontemplative]

wherefore art thou, Motivation?

inspiration - motivation = frustrated stagnation.

someone slipped me a mickey and I pissed in an empty clothes hamper the other night.
At least I made it home.

So a friend of mine skips school the other day and therefore doesn't give a ride to a friend of his who ended up driving himself to school and on the way hits and kills another friend of mine's brother, who was walking in the middle of an icy road early that morning.
Crazy shit.

In other news.. The Walkerton Truck stop Welco's burnt down last night. My mom and sister had both worked there at one time. My friends grandpa worked there until a couple weeks ago when he tested the temperature of the chili by sticking his finger in it (in front of a health inspector no less... doh!). Needless to say, he got fired with the quickness. I have lot's of memories of that place. Never had the chili, but they did have really good milkshakes.

and time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'... decaying things to make room for new growth, killing things to make room for new life... always stealing our attention from the present, which is really all we have.
Friendships fade, new ones form... habits begin and end... emotional wounds heal or fester and become infected.
What do we have when it all comes down to it?
when our temporary material posessions are stripped away..
when we are alone with our memories, beliefs, fears, loves and hates, completely void of external stimuli and the company of others.
When we step outside of our impermanent vessel for a moment
Then we see ourselves for what we really are..
just a bunch of punk-ass bitches.

[User Picture]From: alphageist
2005-01-17 12:22 pm (UTC)
I've only had catfish once, and it was from a gas-station and tasted like rotten dirt. I've been scared to try it again.

I might give it a second chance if I happen to be in the Walkertucky area.
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