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lawdamercy [Dec. 29th, 2004|02:53 pm]
[feeling |fullfull]
[Listening to |Buju Banton]

ahh shit.
vacation's over.. back at work (get Friday off though).
At least school's out.. 4.0 GPA this sem. too..
so wassup MIT?

I spent my whole vacation in Alaska hunting wolverines..
They were gonna kill my cousin what was I supposed to do? Geez..
What'd I use? A freakin 12 gauge, what do you think!?

Christmas was pretty cool. Had the whole fam over at my house for food and festivities.
Good times, good times.
I got a Robosapien.. those things are fun as hell.

No plans for new years yet.. If I haven't beaten Star Wars (KOTOR2) by then, that may be how I spend it, especially if I'm not a daddy by then.

well, better get back to practicing for the next cage fight.